2-7 Triple Draw

This is a draw game. The objective is to make the best possible 2-7 hand. There are 3 opportunities to discard cards.

Starting with the left of the dealer button, each player gets dealt 5 cards face down. There is an initial round of betting starting with the left of the button going in a clockwise direction. After this there is the first of 3 draw rounds. In a draw round a player can exchange any or all of their cards. Cards that are discarded are placed into the muck and replacement cards are dealt face down to the player. The discard round proceed clockwise up to the dealer. Once complete, there is another round of betting. In total there are 3 discard rounds alternating with betting rounds. After the last betting round the hands are revealed and the best 2-7 low hand is declared the winner.

Betting Limits
This form of poker is played as a limit game.