Deposits And Withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals are currently supported for Bitcoin only. These activites must be carried out using the client cashier, there is no web based option for accessing a player account.

Deposits are initiated by pressing the Bitcoin deposit button on the cashier. This will present a bitcoin deposit address that is used as the destination address for transfers from a personal bitcoin wallet. This address is tied to that particular player so the system will know which account to credit when the bitcoin funds arrive. In addition to the textual deposit address, a QR code is also displayed. This can be used to deposit directly using a mobile device. Deposits require 1 confirmation before being credited to a player account. This typically takes around 10 minutes.

Withdrawals are also initiated through the client cashier. Pressing the withdraw Bitcoin button will present a dialog where the destination bitcoin address and the amount to withdraw must be entered. The amount to withdraw must be available in a player account (not in play on a table) or the withdrawal will be rejected.

Funds are not withdrawn from the player account until the actual bitcoin transfer has been created. This may be some time after the withdrawal request has been received. It is the player's responsiblity to make sure the funds are available when the request is processed.

Withdrawal requests are manually approved. Withdrawal approvals are usually carried out within an hour but no longer than 8 hours after the request was made. Once approved, the withdrawal amount is immediately sent from GridPoker, the length of time it takes to show up in a players personal wallet depends on the number of confirmations required by that wallet software.