Getting Started

Welcome to GridPoker. Please follow the steps below to quickly get started playing on GridPoker.

Download the Software
Download the latest version of the software client here. Run the installation program and follow the steps to install the software.

Run the Software
On running the program, the main lobby will appear displaying all of the games that are available on the site. It is possible to browse the lobby and observe tables and tournaments without logging in.

Create an Account
In order to play games on the site, it is necessary to create an account. Press the Log In button. This will present the Login dialog and press the Create Account button to start the process of creating a new account.

The most important thing when registering is to specify a username. This username will be unique to you and will be displayed on the tables so other players can see who they are playing against. Take care when choosing a username as this cannot be changed in the future. As you type into the username box, the system will perform an automatic check to see if the name is available. If not, it will present some alternate suggestions. Fill out the rest of the fields and press OK. If all of the fields have been filled correctly, the account will be created and you will automatically be logged in as the newly created user.

Playing Games
The game types are listed in the main menu. Selecting a game type will display the list of tables that are open to play on. Double click a table to open it up in a new window. If there are seats available on the table then press on Sit Down and you will be seated at that table.

Before sitting down you will be asked how many chips you would like to sit down with. Most tables have a minimum and maximum amount of chips that you can sit down with. If you fall below the maximum level for the table you have the option to add chips to your stack. There is no limit to the amount of chips you can have if you keep winning at the same table.

Leaving Games
When you have finished playing you can leave the table either by closing the table window or by pressing the Leave Table button in the top left corner. This will remove you from the table and any chips remaining in your stack will be added to your current balance. If you attempt to leave a table while you are still involved in a hand you will be prompted to confirm you would really like to leave and abandon your hand. In this case, other players will not be notified of this and your hand will not be automatically killed, but if you are facing any positive action, your hand will be folded. Checks are made automatically on your behalf. Once your hand is killed or the game is finished the seat will be made vacant for other players to sit down at.

Play Money Games
Play money tables are a big part of the site. It is possible to take part in play money games just for fun, or if you want to learn and improved your general skill level or your skill level at a particular game before playing with real money.

Pressing the cashier button will display the real money and play money balances in your account. If you are playing at any tables the balances from these tables will be displayed as In Play balances. You can deposit real money into your account. This will allow you to play in cash ring games and tournaments. Play money amounts cannot be increased but if you run out of play money chips your account will automatically be credited with 1000 extra chips. Therefore, it is always possible to play on play money tables.