Main Lobby

The main lobby window is where you can view all of the games that are currently running on the site. The navigation window on the left allows you to filter based on the type of game, or to view tournaments, cash games or sit and gos. The time is also displayed in addition to quick links to social media sites containing the latest news. Selecting a game type will display all of the tables with that game type with some additional details and statistics for that particular table including bettings sizes and average pot.

System Time
The system time is displayed on the top right of the lobby screen. This is synchronised continuously with the game servers and does not necessarliy match the computer time exactly. All tournaments are scheduled based on the game server time and it is important that all clients are synchronised to this server time. The native server time is UTC (Universal Coordinated Time). The time zone displayed on the client can be customised by pressing on the time.

Panels are a feature of the GridPoker lobby screen. These are context sensitive information windows that are displayed on the right hand side of the main lobby window.

Mini Cashier Panel
The Mini Cashier displays the amount of money that the player has in their account. It updated automatically as hands are played. The Deposit button allows the player to deposit funds quickly into the playing account. All other cashier features must be accesed through the main Cashier.

Session Panel
The Session panel displays the results of the current session which began when the player logged in. The number of hands played and the total profit/loss per currency across all tables are displayed. Pressing the Reset button will set all session statistics back to 0.

Table Panel
The Table panel displays the players seating at the currently selected table. The waiting list if any is also displayed. A player can quickly join or leave a table by using the Sit Down and Leave Table buttons at the bottom of the panel. If you use Sit Down button to take a seat this will open the table up and sit the player at the first available seating position in non blind games or the closest seat to the dealer position in blinds games and mixed tables where blinds games are part of the rotation. Clicking the name of the table at the top of the panel will also open the table.

Tournament Panel
The Tournament panel displays summary information about the selected tournament or sit 'n' go. This panel is visible only when a tournament or sit and go is selected. Clicking the name of the tournament or the Lobby button will open the tournament lobby. You can quickly register (or unregister) for the tournament by pressing the Register button on the panel.

The Cashier window is where you can manage the real money and play money balances on your account. When your play chips balance falls below 2000 chips, you can press the 'Request Play Chips' button to request more chips.

Lobby Chat
In addition to table chat, there is also a lobby chat feature. This enables players to send messages to everyone logged in on the system. Anyone that has the lobby chat window open can see the messages being sent. Moderator chat will be displayed in a different color. Lobby chat is limited to 200 lines. Once this limit has been reached, older messages are discarded. Lobby chat can be opened by pressing the bubble icon from the main lobby. Lobby chat is stored even if the chat window is not open so you can still see messages from when the client was opened.