Network Status

The Network Status application is used to determine the health of your internet connection. It measures the amount of time it takes to connect to various well known web locations around the world and the reliability of that connection.

The Ping window displays a number of hosts throughout the world including GridPoker itself. It will send a number of packets to each host and measure the rate of lost packets. It will also measure the average latency in milliseconds to send a packet to that host. A measure of the connection will be displayed ranging from Very Good to Bad. For reliable play on GridPoker it is recommended to play only when you have a connection to the GridPoker host rated at OK or better.

Selecting a host in the Ping window and then pressing the Trace button will start a packet trace to the selected host. This will measure the reliability and latency of the connection to each point on the route to the destination host. If there are issues with the connection to a host this will show at what point along the route the problems start. The top of the list represents the closes points along the route, issues here will indicate problems which are local to your internet connection. If the issues arise towards the bottom of the list then this can indicate problems closer to the game servers.