User Settings

All of the poker client settings for the currently logged in player can be accessed from the Account -> User Settings menu option. Selecting this option will present a dialog with option categories on the left hand side and the settings on the right hand side. This provides a convenient and centralised way to set the options for a particular player.

Some of these options can be accessed from different parts of the application where the context makes sense. For example, layout settings can be accessed from the game window as this is where you would most likely set them.

When 2 or more players use the same computer for playing poker, their settings are stored separately and are loaded automatically when logging in.

User settings can be persisted on our servers and downloaded to another computer. This saves the effort of having to reconfigure the client when using more than one computer.

Storing Options on Server
It is possible to store user settings on our servers. This makes it easy to transfer options between computers. Simply upload the options to the server using the Upload User Settings command. This will send all the options settings to our servers where they will be persisted. It will also act as a backup facility in case you lose the options on your local computer, or it you have to reintall the operating system for example. When you want to start playing on another computer, simply select the Download User Settings command and your settings will be retrieved from our servers and stored on your local computer.