Rake Charts

Rake is a small amount of money take out of each pot played on real money ring game tables to cover the costs of providing the games. GridPoker has some of the lowest rake levels in the industry. Our rake charges are described below:

Rake is not charged if the hand ends during the first betting round (preflop for Hold'em and Omaha, 3rd street for stud games, and before the first draw in draw games).



Bitcoin Rake Charts

No Limit and Pot Limit

Stakes % Rake 2 Player Cap 3-4 Player Cap 5+ Player Cap
0.10b/0.25b 3.5% 3b 3b 3b
0.25b/0.50b 3.5% 5b 5b 10b
0.50b/1b 3.5% 5b 5b 10b
1b/2b 3.5% 5b 10b 20b
2b/5b 3.5% 5b 15b 25b
5b/10b 3.5% 5b 15b 28b
10b/25b 3.5% 5b 15b 28b
25b/50b 3.5% 5b 15b 28b
50b/100b 3.5% 5b 15b 30b

Fixed Limit

Stakes % Rake 2 Player Cap 3-4 Player Cap 5+ Player Cap
2b/5b 2.5% 2b 5b 5b
5b/10b 2.5% 5b 10b 10b
10b/20b 2.5% 10b 20b 20b
25b/50b 2.5% 25b 50b 50b
50b/100b 2.5% 50b 100b 100b
100b/200b 2.5% 100b 200b 200b

Chinese Poker
Rake is taken individually from each winning player in a hand according to the table below. The pot size is the total amount won by a player from all other players in the hand.

Stakes % / Cap
5b / point 5% / 5b
10b / point 5% / 10b
25b / point 5% / 25b
100b / point 5% / 100b