Razz is a stud game played between 2 and 8 players. The objective of the game is to make the lowest A-5 low hand from any combination 7 hole cards, 4 of which are visible to other players and 3 of which are hidden.

Cards are dealt as in regular stud. Each player receives 3 cards, 2 face down and 1 face up. The player with the 'worst' hand at this point is obliged to invest the amount of the bring-in into the pot to start the first betting round. This player can optionally invest a full small bet instead of the bring-in if their hand warrants the extra investment. Players acting after this must invest at least the amount of the small bet to stay in the hand, it is not possible to just call the bring-in.

Cards are dealt as in regular stud with the worst visible hand starting the action on each betting round.

Betting Limits
Razz is played with a fixed limit betting structure.