Player Rewards

GridPoker offers a comprehensive rewards program to players.

Status points
Status points (SP) are awarded for every raked hand and for every tournament and sit and go that has an entry fee. Status points are awarded at the rate of 5SP for each 100b of rake generated or entry fees paid.

SP are awarded on the basis of contributed rake. If a played is dealt into a hand but puts nothing in the pot then they receive no SP. SP are allocated to each player based on the amount each has invested in the hand.

Status Level
A player's status is determined by the amount of SPs earned in the current and previous month. The status is indicated by the Star Level. In order to reach a particular star level consult the chart below:

Status Level Monthly SPs Required
1 Star 5
2 Star 50
3 Star 250
4 Star 1000
5 Star 3000

If a player achieves the required SPs in the middle of a month, they immediately attain that status for the rest of the month and for the following month.

Player Points
Player points (PPs) are earned at the same time as status points. The amount of player points allocted is determined by the status level of the player. For players with no status, FPs are earned at the same rate as SPs. For players with a star level status, points are earned at a faster rate based on a multiplier described below:

Status Level Earn Rate
No Star 1.0
1 Star 1.0
2 Star 1.5
3 Star 2.0
4 Star 2.5
5 Star 3.0

Player points never expire and can be used to purchase items in the Player Rewards store.

Player Rewards
Rewards can be purchased from the Rewards Store. This is available via the Cashier. Some rewards require a minimum status level.