Ring Game Tickets

Ring Game Tickets are used instead of cash to play in ring games. A ticket will have an initial value which can be used as a buy-in for a ring game. During the course of the game, your stack plays just like as if you bought in for cash. The difference is when you leave the table. The stack that you leave with now becomes the new value of the ticket. The value of the ticket is released into your player account when you have earned a certain number of status points with that ticket. At that point, whatever value the ticket has is credited to your player account and the ticket is expired.

Top-ups and Rebuys
You don't have to sit with the entire value of a ticket when entering a ring game. Any unused value on the ticket can be used to rebuy and add chips on the table where the ticket is in use. It is not possible to use the same ticket on multiple tables simultaneously.

Maximum and Minimum Values
Ring Game Tickets have maximum and minimum values. When you leave a ring game with a ticket, and the value of that ticket is less than 5b, the remaining value is credited to your player account and the ticket is expired. The maximum value of the ticket is the largest amount that a ticket can hold. If you leave a ring game with a stack that is larger than the maximum value of the ticket, the ticket value is set to the maximum and the remaining chips are credited to your player account.

Ticket Release. A ticket is released once a certain amount of status points have been earned with that ticket. When a player leaves a table with a ticket that has reached its status point requirement, the current value of the ticket is credited to the player account and the ticket is expired.

Expiration Date. A ticket must be used to gain at least 0.01 status points within a week or it automatically expires. In order to keep your tickets active it is important to play at least once per week with them. A ticket that has expired due to lack of play has no value.

Tickets can be created with various initial value and maximum values. Once a ticket has been created, the maximum value and the status points for release are set and cannot be changed. Tickets most commonly have initial values like 10b, 25b, 100b, 250b, etc... Maximum values for a ticket are typically five times their initial value. Tickets can be purchased in the player rewards store using player points. They can also be obtained through certain promotions and as prizes for some freeroll tournaments.

You can track your tickets by going to the Ring Game Ticket tab in the Cashier. The following columns appear in the list.

Sample Usage
You have a Ring Game Ticket with a current value of 100b and a maximum value of 500b. You buy into a ring game for 50b using this ticket. You win 30b and leave the table with 80b. This 30b profit is added to your ticket to give a current ticket value of 130b. Later you use the entire 130b value of the ticket to enter a ring game and spin it up to 600b. When you leave this table, the maximum value 500b is assigned back to the ticket, and the excess 100b win is credited directly to your player account. Next day, you enter a ring game using your ticket for 300b. You bust your stack and rebuy chips to the remaining value 200b of the ticket. You lose again and cash out with 3b left. The ticket value is now below the minimum 5b and so 3b is credited to your player account and the ticket is expired.