Network Encryption
GridPoker employs the highest levels of security in all aspect of its use. Once a client connects with our game servers, all internet traffic is encrypted. The level of encryption in use can been seen in the About dialog box. The encryption level is the highest possible given the capabilites of the client computer, with 128-bit AES encryption or stronger typically used.

Password Security
Players are encouraged to used complicated passwords incorporating numbers and puctuation marks in order for them to be as difficult as possible to steal or guess. Passwords are not stored in raw format on our servers and are instead hashed using a secure cryptographic algorithm and these hashed values are used to confirm player identity.

Random Deck Shuffling
Decks of cards are shuffled using a combination of hardware and software random number generation. These random numbers are used to seed an internal pseudo-random number generator which provides the raw numbers used to shuffle decks.

Every game starts with a new uniquely shuffled individual deck. No decks are every reused between games. The process for shuffling a deck is as follows: Decks always begin in an ordered format. A card is selected from the ordered deck at random and placed at the bottom of a new deck. This process is repeated until all the cards are in the new deck. This deck is then used to provide cards for the current game. Some games can require more cards than are available in the deck. In this case, discarded cards are combined together to form a new deck which is reshuffled using the same algorithm.

Sources of Randomness
On the game servers, random numbers are sourced internally from software and are combined with the output of a hardware number generator. This data is combined with random data received periodically from connected clients. In addition to the hardware generated random data, data is sourced from keyboard and mouse input, memory status, system clocks and various other sources.

Ratholing occurs when a player wins chips at a table, leaves the table and then sits back down at the same table with a lesser amount of chips than what they left with. It is unfair to other players as it denies them a chance to win back chips that they may have lost to that player. GridPoker prevents ratholing by requiring that a player sits back down with the same stack that they left with, or waits a certain amount of time before reentering that game, currently set to 2 hours. If a player has less chips in their account than required by this criteria then they must sit with their entire account balance. This procedure only applies to ring game tables of the same game and stakes.