Training and Demo Tables

For each game that is available to play on the site, there are training and demo tables for that game type. Only play money chips can be used on these tables. These tables make use of automated players. These players utilize a crude strategy as described below and are not meant to provide strong competition but simply serve the purpose of generating the action on these tables.

Demo Tables
Demo tables are used to demonstrate how a game plays. It is designed to allow a person new to a game to observe a game in action from start to finish. The players on these tables are automated, and play continuously against each other. If a player loses all its chips, it leaves the table and is immediately replaced by a new player. Registered users cannot sit at a demo table.

Training Tables
Training tables are designed to increase the skill level of players. These tables also ensure that there is always someone to play irrespective of how popular game is. A single automated player sits in the first seat and always sitting at this table. When a training table is started, an automated player sits in the first seat and will remain there until the table closes thus ensuring there is always an opponent to play against.

All automated players use the Hal avatar. This avatar cannot be selected by regular players. This makes it clear when you are playing against an automated player. Automated player never sit down at real money games.

Automated Player Strategy
These player play poker with a very simple strategy which is often just a random move based on the available possibilities. There is some logic for particular games. This is detailed below: